Creating in the Real and Virtual World
Gallery No. 8 - Virtual art in the real world.
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Creating in the Real and Virtual World

Updates from the Virtual World

Happy New Year to all who follow Gallery No. 8! I have not written here very often the last few months because I was busy taking new photos! You can find a lot of information about what I have been doing in Second Life at My Second Life Adventures on wordpress :
In addition, see the new profile and art on
I will add many more one of a kind products over the next few months. We are working on expanding from notecards, posters, tote bags, and cell phone covers to stationery sets, and jewelry! More excitement to come for 2014!
Be sure to take a look at Michel's books at

Gallery Reception

Possible gallery opening reception this weekend. Will notify everyone through in-world notification. angel Kingmaker said she really loves the exhibit!

New Second Life Gallery and Exhibits for 2013

This spring I spent a lot of time in world and developed new images and ideas. I also met a very wonderful avatar: angel Kingmaker - she was kind enough to offer me gallery space in her gallery. So, Gallery No. 8 has expanded. Expect many great things within the next few months! SL10B was fantastic! The creativity is awesome! Burning Man2 was heating up the playa. I am planning on attending the real world Burning Man festival next year, why? Because I finally put together my artistic idea that I will arrive with! Meanwhile, I am trying to learn Blender.
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