Creating in the Real and Virtual World
Gallery No. 8 - Virtual art in the real world.
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Creating in the Real and Virtual World

Gallery Reception

Possible gallery opening reception this weekend. Will notify everyone through in-world notification. angel Kingmaker said she really loves the exhibit!

New Second Life Gallery and Exhibits for 2013

This spring I spent a lot of time in world and developed new images and ideas. I also met a very wonderful avatar: angel Kingmaker - she was kind enough to offer me gallery space in her gallery. So, Gallery No. 8 has expanded. Expect many great things within the next few months! SL10B was fantastic! The creativity is awesome! Burning Man2 was heating up the playa. I am planning on attending the real world Burning Man festival next year, why? Because I finally put together my artistic idea that I will arrive with! Meanwhile, I am trying to learn Blender.
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